So handmade                      play . explore . imagine

Hi I'm Sarah Omura, the SO in SO Handmade.

I created So Handmade in 2012 to combine my skills as a textile designer and a sewer together to make unique, stylish and practical products for children.

Being a Mom to two small children I develop toys that I saw the need for in mine and my own kids lives- filling the gap between organization and fun. Giving children the chance to explore their own imaginations and engage in self directed play ► especially on-the-go!

I believe in doing everything possible to safeguard our planet for future generations that is why I print all my designs on GOTS certified organic cotton and also use organic materials and accessories whenever possible in my products I also mail out orders in eco-friendly recycled packages.

After drawing and making prototypes of my ideas I screen print and sew everything by hand. I pay attention to making my products not only beautifully made but hard wearing and practical.

Thank you for visiting my shop!

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